Arbor Terra Twin Camber Snowboard 2024

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Arbor Terra Twin Camber Snowboard 2024

The Arbor Terra Twin Snowboard is an intermediate to advanced board designed with 3D terra tech for stability and increased float. Thanks to its twin tip design and large surface area, it excels in deep snow and loves freestyle terrain. Built on Arbor's system camber platform with a light, nimble feeling wood core, the Terra is made to ride the curves of the earth, not fight them.


  • System Camber: If you want a highly responsive ride, crisp on-edge performance, and more pop for carving and ollies - all with smoother camber performance - then System Camber shapes are for you. The camber progressively reduces toward the tip and tail, making the leading edge less aggressive for cleaner on-snow performance.
  • Flex Rating: 5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)
  • 3° Uprise Fenders: Arbor’s Fenders are lifted side sections at the tip/tail of the board that create smoother performance without shortening the camber section of the board. As a result, you get a clean ride without any loss of the pop that comes from full-length camber.
  • 3D Terra Technology: Arbor's 3D shaping provides added stability and float in deep snow with increased volume edge to edge.
  • Grip-Tech: A tri-radial sidecut design that is not "blended." Natural shaping intersections, that in the past were eliminated, have been transformed into heel and toe contact points that provide a direct, more ergonomic way to grip the snow when additional control is needed.
  • Taper: 10 mm
  • Highland II Core: A newly developed screening process has allowed Arbor to hand select the very lightest and highest quality paulownia from sourcing partners. The result is a lighter, more responsive version of the Highland Core, known for highly reliable return and long-lasting durability. 
  • Mixed Glassing: A triax over biax lay-up that's best for versatility: pow, backcountry, groomers, jumps and more.
  • 360° Fully Wrapped Sidewalls: Eliminates the need for tip fill, while effectively tying the whole snowboard together. A technology that delivers incredibly tight tolerances for improved board life and durability.
  • Sintered Base: A higher molecular weight, sintered base that provides added durability and speed.
  • Factory Tuned: Arbor detunes the tip and tail contact points on all of their snowboards for a catch-free ride before they leave the factory.
  • Recycled Steel Edges: Highly durable, recycled steel edges embody Arbor's key values: quality and sustainability.
  • Hand Dyed Ash Powerply: Sustainably harvested, majority coming from borer-kill trees, off-white to light brown, the canvas for Arbor’s hand-dyed designs.
  • Bio Resin: Bio-Resin is a replacement for traditional petroleum based resin that doesn't affect performance or usability. The ingredients that go into it are sourced as co-products or waste products of other industrial processes and are manufactured employing green chemistry techniques that reduce the carbon footprint of the material by up to 40% when compared to its petroleum based equivalent.
  • Wend Natural Wax: All Arbor snowboards hit the shop floor ready to ride with Wend Natural Wax.
  • Sustainable Wood Materials

Size Chart

Size (cm) 152 155
Effective Edge (mm) 1083 1110
Tip Width (mm) 303 305.8
Waist Width (mm) 263 264.5
Tail Width (mm) 299.2 301.8
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.85 ​/ 6.95 ​/ 7.85 8 ​/ 7.1 ​/ 8
Stance Setback (mm) 4 4
Stance Range (in) 21 21
Stance Range (mm) 540 540
Rider Weight (lbs) 118-198 124-204
Width Regular Regular