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Need your bike, paddle board, and kayak rentals delivered to your cabin? Get Boards can do it! Or Launch from either of our 2 locations.
Kayak rentals have never been easier - w
herever you are in Big Bear Lake we can deliver your kayaks, paddle boards or bikes - usually in 30 minutes or less!  (Subject to availability)

A 8 hour minimum rental is required for deliveries plus Delivery & Pickup for just $20 for any amount of rentals (example: your entire family's bike rental delivery)

If you pay for more than 1 day YOUR DELIVERY IS FREE!!
Call today for more information (909) 878-3155 and to schedule your bike, paddle board or kayak rental delivery.

To make your reservation for Big Bear bike, paddle board, or kayak rentals call- 909.878.3155
Text Message# 714.313.4449

You can also self-launch FREE at either of our 2 convenient lakeside locations!  Directions/Map