Video Grenade Night of the Living Shred DVD

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2010 Grenade Night of the Living Shred DVD

A must see 16mm film for every snowboarding fan! It's a night for terror.... and a new dawn in snowboarding when packs of shredding zombies take to the streets and into the mountains to wage a gruesome attack. Awakened from death by radioactive gloves, these bloodthirsty zombies shred and jib everything in their path on a relentless journey to kill. Back from the dead zombies Danny Kass, Kyle Clancy, Zach Leach, Travis Rice, James Beach, Colin Langlois, Shane Flood, Sketchy D, Ross Powers, Hanna Beaman, Lane Knaack, Rahm Klampert and Charlie Morace are just some of the creatures of the night that come out for blood and destruction. A classic in snowboarding, more horrorific and terrifying than anything ever seen!