Rome Artifact Snowboard 2014

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Rome Artifact Snowboard 2014

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The board that invented the jib board category is still the choice for riders like LNP, Jonah Owen and others on the team. Soft enough for any trick, the positive camber gives it a locked-in feel on rails and a poppy feel for ollies. The all-around destroyer of park and street that doesn’t take shit from nobody.


Stay Positive Camber: Positive camber from contact point to contact point. If you like a board that you can load up and release off the lip of a jump, or a tail you can count on off a big step-down, this is the camber for you. Or if you like to pop from edge to edge, ditto. Whether tuned softer for jib boards or tuned stiffer for all-mountain boards, nothing gives that electric feel and kick back like Stay Positive Camber.

Hotrod Technology: Glass Single Barrel- It’s not cheating…just a little more snap in your step-ups, downs, and all-arounds. One rod straight from the bindings to the middle of the contact point. One HotRod down the centerline of the board is the perfect solution for giving more ollie/nollie pop without adding any unwanted torsional stiffness. Available in carbon, basalt (new) and glass.

Quickrip Sidecut: Two additional mid-board contact points between off-set sidecuts for added grip at high speeds. Or, engage the inner contact points at slower speeds for a playful, shorter feeling board with control. QuickRip is a Rome signature technology for power when riding fast and extra fun when slowing things down. Two sidecuts with the same radius (arc) are off set with one between the feet and one in the nose and tail. Where they meet near your bindings are shaped Mid-Board Contact Points where the center sidecut transitions down to the nose/tail sidecut. The result is a board that can be ridden slow and loose between the Mid-Board Contact Points at your feet, and a board that can be ridden powerfully along the full running length. The Mid-Board Contact points become areas of added edge grip when the full running length is initiated. One board—rides short and rides long.

Tech Details

  • Impact Core Matrix-40% wood fiber material in a composite that extends the durability of the core and flexes oh so smoothly for the Artifact and Artifact Rocker. Also is more environmentally conscious.
  • StraightBiax Laminate-The laminate that optimizes smooth-flexing good times. For those riders who hang mainly in the park or who are just getting hooked on standing sideways, this laminate tunes the board for creativity and fun.
  • Impact Base-Our extra high-density extruded compound is ideal for the rider who puts a beating on his board and doesn’t get around to waxing it very often. The high-density design holds up to damage from rails, boxes and stumps.
  • Glass Impact Plates-Thin reinforcements under your bindings increase strength against core compressions caused by bindings. Lightweight and ready to deliver. This high-end glass can absorb energy and torque and strengthens the board from binding backlash.

Shape: True Twin

Flex and Feel: Playfull

Terrain Mapping

  • Jumping-8
  • Jibbing-10
  • Powder-6
  • Carving-5
  • All Mnt-7


  • 5
    Awesome board!

    Posted by Steve Bennington on 30th Jul 2014

    This snowboard is by far one of the best snowboards that i have ever ridden, surer great edge control at high speeds, on features and on those hard pack days when conditions are not so good, all around awesome board for sure!

  • 5
    positive vibes!

    Posted by kethan on 17th Nov 2013

    this boards a complete ripper!! you will slay everything that comes in your way! epic! i only buy the artifact and its gonna stay that way!