Rome snowboards have been providing some of the best innovations and discoveries since their existence to the market. Offering a wide range of styles and snowboard profiles, they create some of the best solutions to many riders. Their team has come up with countless innovations and ways to revolutionize their snowboards. Using new technology and creative ideas their boards are some of the best on the market. We are happy to carry all of their best snowboards in our collection.

We have a great variation of styles available so you can find what suits you the best. Whether you’re looking for more pop on your tricks, or a board that can handle a rough terrain, we have it all. Be sure to read more into each product before buying. If you have any questions or anything concerning our Rome snowboards, we can answer them for you. We understand some of the lingo and language behind some of the features can get confusing. We will help you clear up any issues or confusion. Our boards offer a soft, versatile flex that will help you land and perform any tricks. The extra contact points near the bindings will allow a new feel on the board that you can’t find anywhere else. It will feel looser at lower speeds while maintaining superior control at higher speeds. Our impact plates will increase durability and help your feet brace any impact or contact. We give you all the features you need to always feel comfortable, stable, and have improved balance. Combine all of that with the ability to get some major air and perform crazy tricks, and you have a one of a kind snowboard to shred down the mountain with.

Rome snowboards have been a consistent player in developing new solutions for all types of snowboarders around the world. Their experts have developed new technology and features that many have expressed appreciation for. See the difference for yourself by buying one of their quality choices from our selection!

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