Rome Artifact Rocker Snowboards 2012

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2012 Rome Artifact Rocker Snowboards

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Artifact Rocker Snowboard 2012: Built to dominate handrails, jib lines, and anything else in the park; the Rome Artifact Rocker Snowboard features the JibPop Rocker Camber that is flat in the mid-section and rockered from the feet out for the perfect amount of balance and fun on presses. Plus Glass HotRods technology increases the kick in your ollie and nollie power.

  • Suuuppeer buttery and super soft, the Artifact Rocker is perfect for jibbing, jumping and man-handling every inch of the park.
  • Impact Core Matrix is a composite core impregnated with 40% wood fibers that flexes smoothly, stands up to abuse and leaves light impact on the environment. // Glass Single Barrel HotRods technology places a rod of fiberglass in the centerline of the nose and tail for higher ollies and nollies. The single barrel increases longitudinal kick without altering the flex profile. // StraightBiax Laminate has a glass configuration that steers the board and is torsionally forgiving to keep a super playful feel.
  • Shape: JibPop Rocker Camber is loose, playful and super press-happy. Flat and stable in the mid-section with rocker from underfoot to the nose and tail to optimize press tricks. // QuickRip Sidecut technology is a unique sidecut geometry that lets the board ride loose and playful at slow speeds and powerful and precise at higher speeds. QuickRip lets a board “ride short” at slow speeds by engaging the mid-section sidecut between the mid-board contact points and lets you “ride long” at high speeds by engaging the full running-length sidecut where the mid-board contact points work to improve edge hold.
  • Sidewalls, Edges and Base:Impact Base is an advanced extruded compound that fights against the abuse of rails, boxes and rocks. // Glass Impact Plates™ are 2x more compression resistant under the binding to combat the abuse of landing on hard objects.


  • 284.2mm (144), 287mm (147), 289mm (150), 292mm (153), 295mm (156)Tip Width:
  • Waist Width:244mm (144), 246mm (147), 248mm (150), 250mm (153), 252mm (156)
  • 284.2mm (144), 287mm (147), 289mm (150), 292mm (153), 295mm (156)Tail Width:
  • Ability Level:Intermediate - Advanced
  • WoodCore Material:
  • Effective Edge:1110mm (144), 1140mm (147), 1170mm (150), 1200mm (153), 1220mm (156)
  • Rocker Type:Rocker/Flat/Rocker
  • Sidecut Radius:7m (144), 7.25m (147), 7.66m (150), 7.88m (153), 7.97m (156)
  • Stance:19.5”-22.5” (144), 20.5”-23.5” (147), 20.8”-24” (150), 22”-25.25” (153), 22”-25.25” (156)
  • Width:Regular