At Get Boards, we offer a wide selection of Marker ski bindings for the serious athlete looking for a top-quality option. This brand has been one of the most trusted in the world of snow sports for decades, and it continues to be trusted by both professionals and hobbyists alike all over the globe.

The founder of this company created his product with one goal in mind—to make snow sports simpler and safer. The Marker Simplex toe piece is a crowning achievement in safety advances for snow sports. It features a safety zone that surrounds the instep along with an elasticized shock-absorber. This simple advancement has increased safety for snow-enthusiasts all over the world. The company believes that while accidents may not be preventable, injuries and other problems caused by accidents should be minimized and prevented as much as possible.

At Get Boards, we strive to only bring the best products possible to our customers. This is the reason we carry a wide selection of Marker ski bindings. We know that this brand is one of the safest and the highest quality on the market. When you order an item from this brand, you know it will be safe, reliable, and even have a bit of a sleek style.

Don’t settle for second best. Take a look through our selection of Marker ski bindings today and be amazed by the quality and precise design offered by this brand. These items use Hollow Tech technology in their construction, which creates a stable and reliable yet amazingly light product. They also use Backcountry Technology, which is an integrated climbing lever that helps to provide a safe and reliable transition from ride to hike and is protected from unwanted releases. These items also feature Power Width Design, which is a breakthrough created by the brand for free-skiing items based on a 76mm platform. The wider connection brackets help offer more effective power transmission.

No matter what you are looking for, you will find an item to meet your needs in our selection of Marker ski bindings. If you are not sure which item is right for you, let us know. One of our friendly associates would love to help you.

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