Ski Armada is one of the most iconic designers in the industry, Armada is a brand name to know. Our Armada skis for sale are designed to be a rider-owned, rider-operated company, they work closely with professional skiers to ensure that their products are made by and for actual skiers. This means that, when you go with Armada, you are getting equipment that is already beloved by athletes around the world. Get Boards also have the best equipment and prices for Rentals if you're in the Big Bear area.

Not only can you enjoy the latest styles and trends, but you can rest assured that you will have top of the line technology and innovation for the best possible performance.

Popularized by multi-time Winter X Games champion Tanner Hall, Armada has been at the forefront of the competitive world for years. Employing the knowledge and skill of many other athletes, including Jacob Wester, Henrik Harlaut, and Lisa Zimmerman, this is a brand that is known for excellence. From high-speed racing to big air jumps, this is a brand that has been proven by winners.

We are proud to be a main distributor of Armada skis and gear. We have the latest and greatest 2016 models that are sure to turn heads, whether you are a casual park rider or mountain explorer. With men’s, women’s and kids’ skis, you will find top of the line gear for skiers of all ages and backgrounds. Enjoy the latest innovative designs that will improve your game and enjoyment of the sport. Durable construction ensures you will enjoy your skis longer, and they will stay strong under the most intense punishment. Lightweight design will help you get more control on the slope while also reducing fatigue so you can ski longer. From tip to tail, superior shape design will help you make turns faster and easier than ever before, so you can improve and have more fun in no time.

Made to last for years, Armada skis will grow alongside you with ease. Find your new favorite pair today, and enjoy some of the highest level of craftsmanship and style in the world. We have a variety of options to suit any skill level and budget, so you do not have to worry about finding the perfect match for you!

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