Zion Zany Earth Series Snowboard 2014

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Zion Zany Earth Series Snowboard 2014

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We're hyped to introduce the 2nd edition of our pro model series, created for the one ad only Ryan Paul! This series features a new blunt tip shape, a brand new camber profile and is 100% out-of-this-world ZANY just like RP. Our new PARK ROCKER COMBO PLATTER will allow you to enjoy two worlds at once - the best of camber and the best of rocker.

You like to flip/grab on and off rails √

You like to straightline the park, singing Cyndi Lauper as loud as you can √

You think everyone wearing the same style and doing the same tricks is weird √
You think hiking the park on a powder day is zany √
You like to use your snowboard as bookshelf √

This board was created so that you can ride whatever way makes you the happiest...or at the very least you can arrange your books on this stylish bookshelf.


Phase 3 Core: Strong, Lively and Light-The Phase 3 is an all-wood core made with a blend of Poplar, Bamboo and Paulownia. The combination of these three woods produces a core that is very strong, lively and light weight. The Poplar provides the bond strength, impact strength and even flex. The Bamboo provides extra pop and liveliness.The Paulownia provides the weight reduction. Paulownia has excellent strength to weight ratio which allows us to produce a lighter core while keeping the impact strength high.

Energy Bar: We place Carbon Fibre Energy Bars between the core and base of your board. They go from under the binding area out to the tips of the board. Carbon fibre works better under traction than it does under compression. The reason the carbon is placed underneath the core is that it stops your board from stretching out. If the carbon was placed above the core it would stop your board from compressing. We find that carbon has more stretch resistance than compression resistance. This gives your board a lot of extra pop from the bindings out, but keeps the middle softer so you can press easily.

Trinity + Stiched Glass System: We use a heavy duty and responsive Tri Axial Fibre Glass that is STITCHED together at 0/+45/-45 degrees. Stitched Fibre Glass provides more strength than Woven Fibre Glass because the strands can lay totally flat and do not need to be looped over each other creating kinks that could weaken the glass. This is our strongest Fibre Glass.

Beefy Basalt: Beefy Basalt is added the LOST and ZANY EARTH Series. We use Trinity + Stitched Glass System on the top of the board and our Beefy Basalt on the bottom of the board. Using Beefy Basalt on the bottom of the board provides a 30% increase in impact resistance giving your board added strength for hitting all the biggest park features and jibs.

Deep V: We shave a deep v out of the core between the binding areas which allows your board to flex more in the centre, while keeping it stiffer towards the tips. This makes pressing easy like a soft board while still being able to lay down hard turns and have great pop like a stiffer board. The Deep V is featured on the WONK, WHOA MAN! and ZANY EARTH Series.

S Base: A high quality sintered base that offers excellent abrasion resistance and wax absorption.

Twin Tip: A true twin design in shape and flex. The board will feel identical riding regular or switch. The more free riding that you do – set your bindings
back a bit.

UHMW: We use Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene in our sidewalls. This makes for a very strong sidewall that has a tiny bit of give to save your edges from cracking during impact..

Single Radius Sidecut: We love single radius sidecuts! Every one of our boards is designed with an overall single radius sidecut. We believe they give you the most consistent and even turns possible while shredding.

Single Radius Sidecut + Control zone: The Z ROCKER and PARK ROCKER COMBO PLATTER feature a CONTROL ZONE built into the sidecut which adds more edge hold and control to the rocker and combo camber models. The CONTROL ZONE is a bulge in the sidecut at the binding areas that will increase the turning and stopping power of your rocker and combo camber board.Regular camber boards offer really good edge hold and stability while riding either slow or fast. Rocker boards are really popular because they have a really mellow/forgiving feel and are really easy to press, but they work much better at slower riding speeds. What’s the point of having a forgiving and press-able board, but you can’t go fast down groomers without washing out? When we designed our Z Rocker and Park Rocker Combo Platter boards we wanted that forgiving feel, but needed to find a way to add edge hold to the mix so you feel stable when riding fast. This is where the CONTROL ZONES come in. They will give your rocker and combo camber board more bite while turning and stopping. Enjoy all you camber options at high speeds!

Factory Waxed: Every board slicked up right after birth to make sure they get you down the hill faster than everyone else.

Edges: We use a full-wrap Rockwell 48 steel edge on all our boards to give you the best all-around protection and edge grip. Each board is sharp enough to remove any beard and stick any icy landing, but remember: wear gloves! You can detune your edges with a fine tooth metal file if you want. If you choose to de tune your board, make sure you only round the edges slightly – don’t take off too much material.

Park Rocker Combo Platter: It’s traditional camber joining forces with rocker camber. The board has a slight overall traditional camber profile when laying flat, but the part between the bindings is rockered. Now you’re probably asking, why on earth do I need this zany sounding Park Rocker Combo Platter? Glad you asked! Because it combines the best of both worlds. It gives you the stability, edgehold, pop, and support of a traditional cambered board‚ It gives you the easy turn initiation, loose feel, forgiveness, park ride-ability and powder ride-ability of a rockered board.

TYPE: Freestyle
FEEL: Responsive with the right amount of Forgiveness
RIDER: Intermediate to Expert

Park Rocker Combo Platter: 143, 146, 149, 152, 155, 158

All things Zany brought to you by the mind of Ryan Paul


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    Posted by Skyler on 28th Mar 2014

    This board surprises me everytime I take laps! This board is so Prime!