Volkl Mantra Skis 2013

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Volkl Mantra Skis 2013

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Those who don't like making decisions the evening before, and who generally want the best of both worlds under their feet, will love their time on the Mantra. It packs a Titanal deck for highly sporty performance, as well as a tip rocker shape for outstanding runs in the backcountry. Even so, this ski knows how to score points on the hard trails too. A look at the construction shows why – the Mantra is directly between the Katana and Kendo. And while nobody's going to claim the Mantra is the ideal ski for a slalom race, for a relatively wide ski it has a relatively narrow waist that lets it carve just fine on the groomed trails. Don't take our word for it. Just look at the awards it has won in various ski tests.


  • Tip Rocker-Tip Rocker features an early-rise tip design and classic camber profile to give you easy, smooth turn entry regardless of conditions. In softer snow the ski is incredibly forgiving, floats better, and requires less energy to ride.
  • Full Sensor Wood Core-In the Full Sensor Wood Core construction a compact wooden core is integrated from the ski tip to the ski tail providing power and energy along the entire ski's length. The result is optimum support and responsiveness for skiers with a good feeling for the snow and slopes and seek intuitive feedback from their skis. This wood core is used in the UNLIMITED and TIGER ski ranges and in some of the Freeski models.
  • Power Construction Powered by Titanium-Power Construction Powered by Titanium is Volkl’s longest-running construction that utilizes traditional vertical sidewalls and a torsion box internal layup. This construction provides tremendous grip, stability, and a smooth ride.
  • Terrain- 50% Off-Piste, 50% On-Piste
Length      Radius         Sidecut
170cm     (18.2)         132_98_118
177cm     (20.3)         132_98_118
184cm     (22.5)         132_98_118