Volkl Bridge Skis 2010

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2010 Volkl Bridge Skis- 169cm only

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Volkl's Bridge' between big mountain and park riding is our best all-mountain twin tip. The Bridge suits those who want a ski that rides great in the park, yet still has the width and strength to take on deep conditions. It was the top-rated all-mountain twin tip by Freeskier magazine this year.

SIDECUT 130-92-112
LENGTHS 169; 177; 185
RADII 17.9; 19.9; 22.0
CONSTRUCTION Power Construction CORE Sensorwood, Tough Box, Powered by Carbon

Tough Box construction consists of the use of a Multi-Layer wood core and a composite/fiberglass sheath to create the ultimate resilience and snap for our freeskiing models. The sheath is wrapped around the wood core in the mid-body of the ski, increasing strength and screw retention. Many Völkl freeskiing models also feature a carbon layer in the bottom of the ski that provides additional stability and durability.
A round overall shape allows easy smearing and speed control without sacrificing the tracking characteristics and firm snow performance of our big mountain skis. The profile features a smooth, gradual bend toward the nose and tail. It‘s high enough to float in powder, but when you tip the ski on edge, there‘s more consistent edge contact, giving the skier more control, regardless of snow conditions.
The symmetrical sidecut allows the park and pipe rider the best possible performance by allowing a center-mounted ski to perform the same while riding switch as it does while riding forward. It also allows completely even balance for rail sliding, since the exact same amount of material is over the rail on both sides.
Völkl jibbing skis feature a butter zone, softer in the fore body of the ski for rolling up on the tip, but with a normal, progressive flex pattern in the tail for support on landings, and enhanced all-mountain performance.
Like the Extended Sensorwood Core, the Sensorwood core is CNC milled using vertically laminated poplar and beech wood.

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