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Welcome to the next step in the evolution of ski films : a movie that combines action skiing from the top level of the sport, with an in-depth look at the lives of these people who are totally devoted to the sport. For those who have grown weary of redundant ski porn and bro brah commentary, The Sublimation Experiment (TSE) will speak to anyone who is passionate about skiing/ snowboarding, the lifestyle, and concerned about the future of mountain communities and pristine backcoutry locales.

Through snowboarding, telemarking and skiing in competitions to chairlift and snowmobile accessed backcountry, to human powered multi day expeditions and ski mountaineering, these athletes showcase their skills, while uncovering their obligations to the environment. TSE will be set to a backdrop of stunning cinematography, in remote and unique backcountry settings with an original soundtrack, inspired by the film. The winter community is ready for movies that appeal to the viewer on a level other then just adrenaline.

Athletes :
Mike Gimmeson, Rob LaPier, Conor Horrigan, Hannah Horrigan, Ashley Freer, Mike Hatch, Erich Hamm, Whitney Bell, Dan Forestburg, Josh Holleb, Mike Leake.

Highlights Big, technical lines in remote and little-known backcountry locations with multiple first descents.
Jackson and Kirkwood Freeskiing comp footage. Tons of pillows, cliff-drops and powder.
In depth interviews examining how the characters live in an environmental and monetarily sustainable life.

Bonus :
“Jackson Skids” (MTV cribs of the ski world)
“Jackson Rigs” (Funny look at skier’s vehicles)
“Missed Short” (comical shorts about a failed filming mission)
“Town Down” (12 min about the local open downhill race in Jackson)
Trailers for “Sanctified”, Mtn Bike film and Sublimation
Outtakes from “The Sublimation Experiment”
Original Soundtrack CD from the movie “The Sublimation Experiment”