Video Grenade The Boned Age DVD

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2010 Grenade The Boned Age DVD

From the maniacal minds that brought you the snowboard videos “Night of the Living Shred” and “Smell the Glove” comes Grenade Entertainment’s latest straight-to-video masterpiece “the Boned Age”. Set in the swinging 70’s, a time when music and partying reigned supreme, two radical buds, Joe and Hubbs, have a night they’ll remember for the rest of their lives don’t forget about all the burlacious snowboarding as we go everywhere from the Arctic Circle to the backwoods of Vermont. This soon-to-be cult classic has the most epic footage your eyes can handle without spontaneously combusting from an overload of sheer gnarlitude. This film will change your life FOREVER or at least the 35 minutes you spend watching it.

Featuring: Danny Kass, Scotty Lago, Gabe Taylor, Kyle Clancy, Benji Ritchie, Lucas Magoon, and the rest of the Grenade Crew