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Down Days is a documentary that follows the lifestyle, thoughts and emotions of the big mountain extreme skier.

The journey takes us on a month long film shoot in Haines, Alaska. Learn what it takes to be a professional skier who battles increasing risks to satisfy sponsors and progress the sport, while conquering Alaska's infamous weather conditions.

Experience this emotional roller coaster through the unique perspective of the people involved in making it all happen, from the heli guides to the film crew, to top athletes including: Daron Rhalves, Cody Townsend, Enak Gavaggo, Jamie Pierre, Reggie Crist, Lynsey Dyer, Richard Permin, Elyse Saugstad, Corey Felton, and Tom Wayes.
Cody Townsend
Elyse Saugstad
Tom Wayes
Daron Rahlves
Reggie Crist
Lynsey Dyer
Richard Permin
Corey Felton
Enak Gavaggio

Down Days Ski dvd