Union Flite Lady Women's Binding 2012 - Silver M/L

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Union Flite Lady Women's Snowboard Binding Silver - Sizes, Medium/Large
  • 01 Women's Specific Flite Baseplate
  • 02 Injected EVA Bushings
  • 03 Extruded Aluminum Heelcup
  • 04 All New Direct-Connect Strap System
  • 05 PU Leather Straps
  • 06 Tool-Free Size Adjustment
  • 07 Injected Aluminum Buckles
  • 08 Universal Disks
  • 09 Grade 8.8 Hardware
  • 10 Lifetime Warranty Base
Flite Base with<br/> EVA Bushings

Flite Base with
EVA Bushings

Super lightweight, freestyle-oriented design— Lifetime Warranty.

Quick-Adjust <br/> Forward Lean

Forward Lean

Tool Free adjuster allows on-the-fly forward lean adjustment.

Extruded Anodized <br/>Aluminum Heelcups

Extruded Anodized
Aluminum Heelcups

Anodizing process adds 30% strength— completely indestructible.

Injected Aluminum Buckles

Injected Aluminum Buckles

Fast in, and fast out. Union Aluminum is second to none.