Union Factory Snowboard Bindings 2014

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Union Factory Snowboard Bindings 2014

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Backed by Travis Rice, the Union Factory Snowboard Bindings are a top-level choice for all-mountain shredding. An extruded 3D aluminum heelcup reduces weight while maintaining strength and stiffness, and the Stage III Atlas baseplate makes minimal contact with your board to eliminate dead zones in the board's flex beneath your feet. It also has a Team highback to make it flexible enough to tweak grabs, yet stiff enough for reliable response and support, and injected EVA bushings dampen vibrations for a smooth ride. The SonicFused ankle strap minimizes stitching to increase overall durability, and the Open Toe Strap is low-profile and cored-out to wrap around the front of your boot for a comfy and secure fit.


  1. Stage III Atlas Base-This base is made of Dupont™ Zytel® ST and is guaranteed against breakage with a lifetime warranty
  2. Raw Injected Dupont™ Zytel® ST Base-The highest-quality nylon, used on all Union baseplates, results in strength, safety, security and the confidence of a lifetime warranty. A pigment free nylon provides increased base stiffness
  3. Team Highbacks-These highbacks provide one even amount of flex throughout the whole highback. True consistent flex makes these bindings a supreme park-shredding animal.
  4. Shift-on-the-Fly Forward Lean-Quick and easy to use, adjust your forward lean with a simple flip of a knob then slide it to wherever you want and re-lock it. Easily done while waiting in those pesky lift lines.
  5. Injected EVA Bushings-They dampen vibrations underfoot to promote a more comfortable ride and a smooth, even board flex with no dead spots. Each size comes with its own durometer for custom performance.
  6. All-New Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcups-This process removes material to reduce weight but maintains strength.
  7. 3D Direct-Connect Strap System-Multi-Layer Tapered Strap Core evenly distributes pressure.
  8. All-New SONICFUSED Ankle Straps-A new approach to minimize stitching and increase overall durability.
  9. Magnesium Buckles-The magnesium in the buckles is four times the strength of aluminum with only half the weight. Plus, it is easily recycled
  10. All-New Toe Buckle System-Multi-positional options with open Ultra Grip™ Design
  11. Universal Disks-Compatible with any traditional 4x4 mounting system and 3-Hole, along with Burton snowboards featuring The Channel, you can mount Union Bindings on any board you choose.
  12. Grade 8.8 Hardware-The most commonly used hardware is made from "mild steel" that has a property class of only 4.6. Considering how much stress a binding goes through, Union uses only the highest-strength steel, with a property class of 8.8.
  13. All-New Toe Cup Design-Holds better to your boots for consistent control and also moves vertically for multiple boot-to-strap positions.
  14. Canted 2.5 degree Gas Pedals-Ideal for riders who want a wide stance. Extra leverage for ollie power.
  15. Lifetime Warranty Base
  16. Endorsed by Travis Rice

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  Contact Pro/Contact
  Small/Medium   Medium/Large   Large/X Large
Mondo 230 - 260 230 - 265 260 - 290 285 - 320
UK 4 - 7 4 - 7.5 7 - 10 9.5 - 13
U.S. Women 5.5 - 8.5 5.5 - 9 8.5 - 11 11 +
U.S. Unisex 5 - 8.5 5 - 8.5 8 - 11 10.5 - 14
Euro 37 - 40.5 37 - 41 40.5 - 44 43.5 - 48