Switchback Park Combo Snowboard Bindings 2016

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Switchback Park Combo Snowboard Bindings 2016

We configured them with the Miller Straps for their soft and smooth flex for tweaked grabs and presses, but when really rallied the outer strap layer gives the support you need to snap off lips and stick landings. The thicker Jib Pads can suck up heavy stomps and flat landings, too. We put the Jib Pad on it so the thick EVA padding can suck up heavy stomps and flat landings. The ST Highback is symmetrical so there are no surprises when riding switch and it has a solid dose of flex for a playful feel. The Noback insert is included for those that like to get real loose.


  • Less Material, More Flex-We design our baseplates with a minimal amount of rigid material touching the board’s topsheet when mounted. This not only saves weight, but also gives the binding and your board a more natural 360-degree flex pattern underfoot.
  • Bumper Corners-We place a rubber bushing along the bottom rim of the binding to absorb vibration, enhance flex, and help cushion harsh landings. The corners and sides are thicker to protect your topsheet and promote flex, and the toes and heels are thinner for more direct control and terrain feel..
  • Direct Steering-The bumper bushing is contoured with less material around the heels and toes for improved edge-to-edge response and smooth power transfer. It also helps you feel the terrain in a smooth kind of way.
  • Offset Disc Option-For people who want to adjust the binding position with respect to the edges without losing any fine tuning options for stance width, we offer offset discs (sold separately).
  • Pad Positioning-All padding is adjustable to match the sole and size of your boots. Depending on what size baseplate and boots, you may need to adjust the pad towards or away from the toe edge. As an added performance benefit, if you slide the pas towards the heel, the ramp will increase your toeside response, if you slide it the other way it can decrease toeside response.
  • Heel Pillow/Pad-Every baseplate we offer comes laden with a generous heel pad for cushioning and comfort. It’s kind of like a good night of sleep with a pillow or a shitty one without. The pad options above simply add a little bit more to suspension to the ride
  • Strap Positioning-Our baseplates offer two easily adjustable strap mounting positions: a higher setting that gives you more response and boot hold, and a lower one that offers more freestyle flexibility. Play with them and find your perfect fit.
  • Tool Free Ladders-Our straps are easy to adjust for fit and riding style and require no tools to do so. The ladder straps simply snap in, as do our highbacks and baseplate padding. No worries of losing loose nuts or screws, ever!
  • Easy Access-Our strap design design allows the straps to naturally fall open and away for easy in and out. Get in and out quickly without stepping on your straps.
  • Find Your Center-You can center your toe and ankle straps for proper boot fit in seconds by flipping open the latch adjustment and using the ratchet and ladder strap to find the sweet spot
  • Totally Tool-Less-Our highbacks click right in with ease and are just as easy to remove as well. Fold them up and down as much as you need to fit in car racks, gondolas, board bags and under chairlift seats without fear of losing pivotal nuts and bolts
  • Why Not Noback-When freestyle snowboarding was in its pre-pubescence days bindings had little or no highbacks for getting super tweaked. We figured why not keep the good ol’ days alive by creating a simple noback insert option for getting super tweaked and super surfy. We dare you to try it
  • A Hole lot of Flex-The big ass hole in our highbacks are there for a number of reasons. It makes them lightweight. It makes them rigid and responsive where you need heelside support. It makes them soft torsionally for flexibility, grabs and tweaks

Sizing Chart

US BOOTS 3-7 7-10 10-14
US WOMEN BOOTS 5-9 9-11 11+
EURO BOOTS 34-39 39-43 43-46
UK BOOTS 3-6 6-9 9-13