Switchback Halldor Helgason Pro Model Snowboard Bindings 2014

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Switchback Halldor Helgason Pro Model Snowboard Bindings 2014

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Halldor designed his pro model bindings to suit his ‘all in’ riding style. With customized ‘flip-flop’ red and black baseplates, matching standard foot pads and straps they are good for all types of freestyle riding and look amazing! They feature his very own WINGED HIGHBACKS, also in a ‘flip-flop’ red and black colourway. These highbacks are not pre-rotated but have a very asymmetric shape, including the wings that wrap around the outside of your calf. These provide ultimate support when stomping kicker tricks, pressing rails and going fast, because all of these cause your knees to bend and push you calves outwards. By supporting this part of your leg you can stomp or press harder then ever and go for longer without suffering from fatigue. Halldors highbacks also feature adjustable forward lean so you can get aggressive if you so want, together with the SWITCHBACK GAP that gap allows the highback to be torsionally flexible yet longtitudinally stiff. All these features combine and mean that you get all the support you could ever need when on your heel edge, stomping a landing or getting a good press, without sacrificing tweakability.

These are great for all types of freestyle riding and are perfect for riders looking for maximum support and versatility.

Baseplate Features

  • Baseplate-Switchback baseplates look simple and work really well. They are built from super tough and lightweight composite materials and include several key design features for better shredding.
  • ST Pad-Regular thickness EVA padding under the ball of your foot and your toes gives all the cushioning you could ever need for regular riding.

Strap Features

  • Straps-Switchback straps are some of the best! Constructed from super soft EVA covered with neoprene, they mold to any boot shape as the ratchet is tightened. The ratchets themselves are made from strong and light aluminum and the ladders are super tough to minimize wear, even from constant use.

Highback Features

  • Noback Insert-Gives you a more skate-like jib / mini-shred session or a more surf-like powder experience.
  • Wrapback-Wrapback gives you extra support for more control on the board and great for pressing as well.

Size Chart

Binding Size   S   M   L
US Boots  3-8  6-11  9+
US Women Boots  4-9  7-12  10+
Euro Boots  34-40  38-44  42+
UK Boots  2-7  5-10  8+