Stepchild Simon Chamberlain Pro Series Snowboard 2013

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Stepchild Simon Chamberlain Pro Series Snowboard 2013

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All new sizes, TWIN shape with ROCKER and a poppy Kicker III core. This pro model is eight years in the making and comes with the new impact absorption park formula sidewalls and a snag free base. The Armadillo plate binding reinforcement helps to prevent insert blowouts. The new Simon pro model also comes with a whopping 28 inserts to mount any stance you like. This board will get you into some steezy Simon presses in the park and also throw a good pow roost.


  • Kicker III Core-Poplar wood core with beech rails and beech insert strips. Tip-to-Tail fully computerized milled and profiled poplar core gives a smooth consistent flex pattern. The denser beech wood re-enforced rails give the board stable edge control and poppy flex. The insert strips are for compression strength where the corners of the bindings normally crush the wood core. We use 4 strips of high density beech to increase the strength in this critical zone.
  • Reverse Camber-Reversed camber profiles are pressed to resemble the bottom of a rocking chair. This shape gives the board an easy riding feel as it is "pre-flexed" going into turns. It works well for park and jib with presses amplified, and works amazingly in the deepest of pow. We have bracketed the rocker to each size of the board, this ensures that every size of our reverse camber boards will share the same great pop and feel. The low profile ramping on the tip and tail help to eliminate vibration and chatter at higher speeds.
  • Park Formula Sidewalls-Park formula sidewalls are made of a material known as philan which is lighter and harder than rubber but provides a very similar impact absorbtion. It is much like the material used in a skateboard bushing. The park formula sidewall is meant to take a serious beat down.
  • Twin-The board is a true twin with a centered stance and sidecut. The tip and tail are identical
  • Snag Free 4400 Base-Hardened in the press by a temperature control system that cooks the base harder as it sandwiches the board. The base material comes out of the press much harder than when it went in. Snag free bases have die cuts or joints in the base material which is usually how the board will snag.
  • Triaxal Glass
  • Structurn Base
  • 28 Inserts
  • Flex Rating-5
Size Waist Width Sidecut Radius Effective Edge Weight Range
152cm   249mm      7.6m    1190mm    115-165 lbs