Stepchild Jibstick Snowboard 2012 - Reverse Camber + Rett

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2012 Stepchild Jibstick Snowboard REVERSE CAMBER

Comes with a FREE Earbud Headphones and FREE USA shipping!

The Jib Stick comes with Trojan Rubber 2.0 impact strips embedded in the sidewall. The RETT is an edge detuning process that dulls the edges between your bindings so you don't have to. You can basically throw bindings on this and take it straight to the streets. The TWIN shape and the ROCKER camber combination with the stability of the Kicker III core makes this one of the best jib boards on the market today. The Armadillo plate binding reinforcement will help prevent insert blowouts. This board also comes with a SNAG FREE base. If you suck at jibbing and want to get a whole lot better, the Jib Stick will improve your jibbing skills.


  • Kicker III Core
  • Screened Base 
  • Smooth “Soft Belt” finish – Pre waxed 
  • Quadrax fiberglass 
  • 24 inserts
  • Non-Stick UV Lacquer coating