Starlite Bamboo Complete Pintail Skateboards Longboards

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Starlite Bamboo Rasta Palm and Bamboo Wave Pintail Longboards

Take your cruising to the next level with this brand new Starlite Longboard. These models are from the newest series of graphics from Starlite. The pintail shape measures 9" x 43", which is one of the most popular shape in Longboarding. This shape is designed for cruising the streets and bombing hills at any skill level. The Starlite Bamboo Longboard decks are made of 8-ply, rock hard Canadian Maple, and the Top 9th ply is a Bamboo Layer which adds strength, rigidity, & style. The deck also features wheel cutouts which greatly reduce wheel-bite to keep you carving. THE PARTS: 6.0 Aluminum Trucks - Raw, 65mm x 36mm Black 78a Urethane Wheels, Abec 7 Rubber Shield Serviceable Bearings, 1 1/2" Hardened Hardware, 1/2" Risers to further prevent wheel-bite. ASSEMBLED & READY TO RIDE

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