Sleep Hitch Hiker Snowboard 2024

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Sleep Hitch Hiker Snowboard 2024

This zany POW blaster snowboard packs a punch in deep snow and atop groomers alike..

The Hitch Hiker embodies the spirit of the simplistic soul surfer who’s playful enthusiasm abounds for searching out cool vibes & fun runs of freshly powdered pillows or dreamy smooth corduroy.

Grab ahold of the Hitch Hiker 155 Snowboard, it’ll be your best board bud!


  • FLEX:  / 10 (1 = super soft, 10 = super stiff)
  • MEGA POW CAMBER: Set back, directional camber to slash that pow
  • super fast SINTERED BASE
  • POP: Carbon Fiber Stringers from bindings to tips 
  • URETHANE SIDEWALLS (what skateboard wheels are made out of!) for extra dampening & durability