SkullCandy Terje Pro Model Headphones

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Skull Candy-Terje Pro Model
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Skullcandy Terje Pro Model Headphones

From Norway to AK- Terje Haakonsen is the godfather of shred. Skullcandy built the Terje NINE Pro headphone to attack the street or snow by integrating DJ-style headphones directly into our Skullcandy fleece-line beanie. Direct-to-ear attachment when the headset is worn on the beanie or pull the headset off and rock it straight up.

DJ-style headphones with soft leather touch earpads.
Unique detailing.
90° swivel speakers.
In-line volume control.
Integrate directly into Skullcandy fleece-lined beanie for maximum comfort.
Direct-to-ear attachment when the headset is worn on beanie or pull off the headset and listen as you normally would.

40 mm speaker.
Frequency range: 100 – 18K Hz.
Impedance: 50 ohms
Max input power: 400 mW
Cable type: OFC
Cable length: 3 M
Cable length: 1.3 meters.
Plug type: 3.5 mm gold plated.

Terje NINE Pro headphones.
Snap-on fleece beanie.
Travel bag.
6.3 mm gold plated adapter.

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