Skullcandy iPhone 4 Slider Case

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Skullcandy iPhone 4G Slider Case

Lab goggles for iPhone.
Science you can drop without shattering dreams. Or screens.

Protect your iPhone. It’s not a human baby you can wave about willy-nilly, aware of its innate resilience and survival instincts. No. It’s a sleek, precious technological instrument – a treasure you’ve got to protect, like a celebrity or a politician. Coddle and pamper it. Place it high upon a pedestal, beyond the soiled reach of doting commoners, outside the accident-prone realm of real life and pedestrian folly, to bask in the warm glow of an adoring spotlight but for the occasional awards show appearance or Super Bowl halftime lip-synch performance. Give your iPhone/iPod Touch the positive reinforcement it deserves with a handsome Skullcandy case.

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