Skullcandy Hesh Rasta Mic'd Over Ear Headphones

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Skullcany Hesh Rasta Mic'd Over Ear Headphones

Blast the few brain cells you have left with the Skullcandy Hesh Headphones. Skullcandy gave these ‘phones an eardrum-pounding 50mm power driver and a sound-boosting dome shape for skull-shattering clarity at a ridiculous price. The supple leather headwrap and earcups make the demise of your hearing a soft and pleasurable experience. Adjust the in-line volume control to hear what the old dude babbling to himself on the back of the bus is saying, then turn the tunes back up when you realize his end of the world routine is a little stale.

Material:[Headwrap] leather; [Earpads] touch leather 
Input Connection:3.5mm gold-plated & 6.3mm adapter 
Cord Length:4ft (1.2m)