Signal Rocker Light Snowboard 2013

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Signal Rocker Light Snowboard 2013

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Rocker or Rocker Light, you choose your degree of lift, size and proportion from this line of ROCKERS. This year’s graphic combines the colors of our ROCKER tradition and adds the style from our ETT Dartboard episode!


  • Signal’s own Three-Stage Park Rocker’s unique design: Stage One is continuous contact. This creates a level board through the bindings. It allows you to hold an edge without catching one. Stage One acts as a small board when you stand flat over this section. Stage Two rolls up five or ten ( depending on which Rocker ) degrees into Stage Three, the ‘flat spot’. Stage Two creates a pivot point when transferring from the level— or flat—area between the bindings and the ‘flat spot’ of Stage Three. Stage Two also acts as a secondary contact point when you are carving
  • “Standard Profile” Poplar core, which is thicker between the feet and tapers out as it reaches the nose and tail. There is no need for extra tapering as the nose and tail are already in the air because of the Rocker that starts at your feet
  • Matte Nylon 8210 top for softer torsion flex
  • Durasurf sintered base
  • Triaxial glass top and biaxial glass on the bottom of the core
  • Carbon stringer tip to tail
  • Rock on!
  • 3 stage rocker, 5 degrees lift, regular to wide waists