Shred Stupefy Goggles 2016

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Shred Stupefy Goggles 2016

Truly oversized and effectively frameless, the STUPEFY is a SHRED CARVED LENSES spherical goggle designed to bring vision clarity to an inverted world. Our proprietary NODISTORTION™ lens technology and NO BS™ Lens Replacement System offers our riders perfect and adaptable vision to see their own path to a boundless world, while its clean design and strong colors will forever make a bold statement.


Tom Wallisch Signature Model

No BS- No Gimmicks, no tricks, and no fake technology: Shred NO BS. Our new lens replacement system, crafted through an updated mix of polyurethane with reduced friction parameters and improved installation notch shape and positioning, gives riders the easy option to change their lenses, without breaking the bank and without sacrificing performance and durability.

100% UV Protection- Blocks 100% of all harmful UVA, UVB and UVC Rays.

Tapered Foam- Shred's New tapered foam allows for extreme comfort and universal fitting.

Carved CYL- Our Shred Carved lenses are the result of a super-precise production process that crafts lenses with a tapered lateral thickness to adapt to the eye's vision power. Shred Carved lenses are made without straining the polymers, which result in perfect clarity of vision. Available in SPH, with a double curvature and CYL, with single curvature of the lens.  

Grip on Straps- Grip on straps provide the necessary grip so that goggles will not slip off your headwear.

Universal Helmet Compatability- The shape of shred goggles allows for the best integration with any kind of helmet.

Multilayer Face Foam- The blue whipped cream multilayer face foam provides extremely soft comfort, sweat management, and durability.

Anti Fog-The double lens technology used in most Shred goggles created a thermal barrier that keeps the inner lens warm adn dry. A special hydrophilic treatment on the inner lens allows the surface to absorb moisture before fog can form.

Nodistortion- Our patented NODISTORTION lens technology keeps your vision from getting warped. Traditional double lenses are sealed air tight to prevent fogging and keep moisture from getting in between the layers. But then when you gain or lose altitude, the pressure differential causes the two lenses to bend and warp, which causes distortion in your vision. So we designed a small valve to equalize the pressure between the lenses and the outside, and we use a high tech PORON filter to keep moisture out. So the lens doesn't deform and your vision is always crystal clear.

NoClog- To promote ventilation along the top of our goggles, our new Shred NOCLOG technology incorporates a hydrorepellency treatment to allow warm air to escape and cool air to flow in to keep your vision crystal clear. Our hydrorepellency treatment increases the surface tension of water and moisture on the goggle foam to reduce surface contact and keep clogging to a minimum.

All Conditions- These lenses are TRULY designed to perform under the widest spectrum of light and weather conditions. After years of extensive field tests we came to understand that it was not a matter of light transmission, but instead of contrast and definition. Our Stealth Reflect lenses feature a contrast and definition enhancing tint that provide unique performance in any condition, from fog and flat light to bluebird, all the way to dark afternoons and snowy days. All this while providing effective UVA protection even on the brightest days on the glacier.

Bonus Lens- TOur fully rigid case is designed to protect your Shred carved spare lenses; the elastic band will secure the lense inside. It perfectly fits inside jackets or backpacks, so riders have a spare lens ready for any change of conditions with an easy lens replacement thanks to the NO BS technology.