Scott Tom Wallisch Signature Scream Helmet 2013

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Scott Tom Wallish Signature Scream Helmet 2013

The all-new Scream can take you to the park and beyond. To keep it clean and stylish, this helmet has been designed with different hidden and integrated features such as a removable goggle retainer, or adjustable inner vent stoppers. The Scream is Tom Wallisch's pro-model helmet.


  • Goggle Retainer: Advanced 1 or 3-point goggle fixation. For the perfect fit of your goggle.

  • Removable Ear Cover: Removable ear covers for individual adjustment of temperature and acoustic preferences.

  • Removable Lining: Helmets featuring removable and washable lining pads.

  • 4-piece inner padding with vent stoppers, removable and washable
  • Padding kit in 3-sizes

  • Deflected front vents

  • 19 passive vents

  • Side release chinstrap buckle

  • Comfort chinstrap

  • Helmet pouch

  • ABS Hardshell with EPS liner