Sandbox Classic Snow Helmet 2014

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Sandbox Classic Snow Helmet 2014

Not too short or too long, sandbox’s classic brim style is perfectly sized, perfectly functional, and let’s be honest, it looks too damn good on you for us to dare change it. Our classic snow model features a hard-core EPS liner.


  • Low Profile-Big bobble-heads belong in happy meals not action sports, so we’ve kept our designs tight with the focus on a low-Profile aesthetic. Shells and liners are engineered together so your helmet is as streamlined as possible but still has all the protection you need.
  • Custom 18-Pinhead, peahead, peanuthead, conehead. You’ve been called it all, but we agree with your mom; your head isn’t ugly, it’s just special. The custom18 feature embraces your specialness by providing 18 possible fit pad combos: thin and thick in the front, top and back. Arrange them however you need and get comfortable.
  • Goggle Fit Friendly-We’ll worry about the gap between your helmet and your goggles so you can focus on clearing the gap in the park. Sound fair? Sandbox helmets are shaped to fit most goggle styles – but we can do even better than that! Sandbox now offers a line of goggles that are specifically designed to provide a seamless fit with all our helmets. No more gorby gap!
  • All Weather-No excuses. Every day is a great day to ride and our all weather features keep it that way. Because you shred in the sun, Snow and rain, our helmets provide removable ear covers and goggle clip to keep you shredding no matter what mother nature is serving up.
  • Multi Sport-We get it, you can’t sit still. If you’re not shredding on the mountain then you’re tearing it up at the skate park or ripping On your bike. Our combined custom18 and all weather features allow you to adjust your helmet to be comfortable for whatever you want to do today.
  • Unisex-Just ’cause a girl likes to get flowers from her boyfriend doesn’t mean she wants them on her helmet. We’ve skipped the Flowers and butterflies, designing our helmets with the belief that like skinny jeans and long hair, every style and colour can be rocked by dudes and chicks
  • Soft Touch-We hate to burst your bubble, but the reason people can’t keep their hands off you isn’t you at all, it’s the helmet. Soft to the touch with a scratch-resistant finish, the soft touch feature feels as good to the fingers as it looks to the eyes and is available on all our matte helmets.


  • Hard Core-ABS shell meets EPS foam, and let’s just say this isn’t no one-night stand. These two were made for each other, Literally. Designed to work together, this shell and Foam combination provides ultimate high-impact protection while still keeping it on the down low, Low profile that is.
  • Shell-Tough-as-hell ABS shell engineered to work with an EPS foam liner.
  • Impact Foam-Impact foam: hard EPS (expanded polystrylene) foam Designed for high-impact protection.
  • Certification-CE EN1077b (Classic and Legend Snow),