Salomon T5 Junior Ski Bindings 2012

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2011 Salomon T5 Junior Ski Bindings

Athletic bindings for kids with double norm.  For the smallest of rippers, the Salomon T5 has a DIN range of .5-4.5, which means it is safe even for kids who weigh less than their skis. These bindings, as is true of most kids' gear, are extremely lightweight, which should help lessen fatigue in those little legs.

Adult or Child Boot Compatable: This binding accommodates both Adult thickness and Child thickness boots. Most bindings are one or the other, which causes problems when kids outgrow their size 22.5 and below boots, and get into 23.0 and above boots. This binding can be switched to fit either. Problem avoided.

Automatic Wing Adjustment: The toe of this binding automatically adjusts to the slightly different width among ski boots. This means it is one less adjustment to fuss with. Just step into the binding and go skiing.

Elastic Pedal: The AFD under the ball of the foot allows for proper function even when ice, dirt, or snow get stuck to the bottom of the boot.


  • Automatic Wing adjustment
  • Elastic pedal
  • Athletic bindings for kids with double norm
  • Removable brake
  • DIN scale: 0.5-4.5