Salomon Suspect RLD Skis and Binding Package 2014

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Salomon Suspect RLD Skis and PX 12 Black Chrome Ski Binding Package 2014

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Only available in 176cm!!!

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Salomon Suspect RLD Skis 2014

Proven, bomber Park & Pipe performance. Edge Armor construction holds the Suspect Rld together even when The Man is coming down on top of it.


  • Full Woodcore-Wood from tip to tail improves stability and rebound, maximizes ski to snow contact and filters vibrations.
  • Twintip
  • Sandwich Sidewalls-Sandwich sidewalls for extraordinary smooth ski/snow contact and great terrain adaptation. A MUST for Park & Pipe and performance proven in the race Milieu! Laminated sandwich sidewall construction enables us to combine appropriate material layers for targeted performance.
  • PULSE PAD-A layer of rubber along the edges and in certain zones of the ski for smoother ride & improved ski-snow contact.
  • Wide edges-Thicker edges for increased durability and improved shock resistance.
  • Total edge reinforcement-A fiber reinforcement directly on the edges that provides edge stiffness for improved durability and grip.
  • Edge armor-Extremely durable polyethylene fiber cord cross-laced between the edges of the skis increases edge strength. => 25% less edge depression, => 10% less edge wrenching.



Look PX 12 Chrome Ski Bindings 2014

The PX 12 is a high-performance freeride binding with a 3.5-12 DIN range. The reinforced Full Drive toepiece combined with the PX heel delivers maximum power transmission, shock absorption, and the longest elastic travel on the market to deliver more reliable release while reducing unwanted pre-release. An ultra-wide AFD and wide mounting zone deliver better contact with wide skis for increased leverage and control. The PX 12 is designed for committed freeskiers.

Available brake sizes:

  • Medium-80-90mm
  • Wide-90-100mm

Special Features

  • High elastic travel provides shock absorption, reduces inadvertent release, and allows you to set bindings at lower release values

Toe Piece Features

  • Full Drive toe
  • Rinforced housing increases binding integrity
  • Wide mounting zone for better contact with wide skis
  • Four points of contact with the boot provide maximum power transmission
  • 45mm lateral travel
  • 180 degree multi-directional release capabilities aid release

Heel Piece Features

  • PX heel
  • Strong power transmission due to angled lateral arms
  • Wide mounting zone for better contact with wide skis
  • High forward pressure improves ski rebound and responsiveness
  • 25mm of elastic travel, the longest travel of any binding on the market, reduces unwanted pre-releasing