Salomon SPK 85 Ski Boots 2012

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Salomon SPK 85 Ski boots 2012

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Salomon SPK 85 Ski Boots 2012: The Salomon SPK 85 is one of the best buys and values in the freestyle ski boot scene. The SPK 85 has a nice and wide toe box with a 104mm last, which make it a great boot for new schoolers that like that wider toe box. The Salomon My Custom Fit Sport Liner is stiff, and tough enough to reduce that packed out sloppy feeling. A 55mm strap acts like a third buckle to give you more support and rebound when it is time to rail some fast turns on the groomers. The cuff is nice and upright to help you master your switch skiing, and sticking off axis landings. An extra padded spoiler, two density heel cushioning reduce the vibrations from stomped landings. The Salomon Cushioning System is a soft toe insert in the toe box of the boot to lower the chances of losing a toe nail when you come down on the tails of your skis in the back seat. An Adjustable Spoiler will help you get the size of the cuff just right to match the shape of you leg. The SPK 85 is one of the best bang for your buck performance freestyle boots on the market today.

  • Upright Cuff for Switch Skiing and Sticking Off Axis Landings
  • Extra Padded Spoiler
  • Mono Material Polypropylene Lower Shell/Upper Cuff
  • 55mm Strap
  • Heel Cushioning System

Salomon size chart with autofit liners- Salomon nolonger makes certain sizes because of the autofit liners.
26.5 fits a mens 8 and 8.5
27.5 fits a mens 9 and 9.5
28.5 fits a mens 10 and 10.5
29.0 fits a mens 11, 11.5 and 12


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