Salomon Scarlet Skis 174cm

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Salomon Scarlet Skis 2008- 174m only

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Sizes: 174cm

Salomon Scarlet Skis – Women’s 2008: You might as well have a large white ‘P’ branded to your forehead for powder when you purchase the Salomon Scarlet Skis. An all-mountain powder twin, the Scarlets will take you to the fluffy and let you play all day long. With total edge reinforcement, you can bet that the Scarlets will be durable as well as an edging machine. Ladies, all you need do is think about a sharp turn and the Scarlets will carve through that powder like butta. Sweet graphics grow up from tail to tip and a ptex 4000 base means very high molecular density plus graphite for excellent wax absorption, perfect gliding, and great abrasion resistance. Get yourself the Salomon Scarlet Skis and viva la revolution, ladies!

* Pulse Pad: Elastomer layer all along the edge. Shock absorption and anti-vibration for smoother and softer ski/snow contact.
* Total Edge Reinforcement: Fiber reinforcement laying directly on the edges. Edge stiffness for improved edge durability and edge grip.
* Edgy Monocoque: Offers precise edge grip, efficient energy from skier to snow for freeski practices.
* Radius: 15.5m @ 154cm, 20.4m @ 174cm

WARRANTY: 1 year