Salomon Q-Lab Skis 2015

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Salomon Q-Lab Skis 2015

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The guts of our Lab race skis, optimized for a lighter freeride aplication and built on our ultra versatile Utility Rocker platform. This is the new one-ski quiver of the Salomon Freeride Team.


  • Full Sandwich Sidewalls-Laminate construction with full length ABS sidewalls give extraordinary smooth ski/snow contact and great terrain adaptation. Laminated construction enables us to combine optimum material layers for targeted performance.
  • Full Wood S Core-Developed in the Salomon race lab, 3mm alternating laminates of poplar and ash hardwoods run the entire length of the ski giving maximum precision, stability and edge grip. This is the engine out of our tace skis.
  • Pulse Pad-A layer of rubber all along the edges and in critical zones of the ski for smoother ride & improved ski-snow contact.
  • Honey Comb Tip-More Float, Less FLop. Super light honeycomb/Koroyd insert, reinforced with ABS. Less weight at the extremties with increased dampening from Koroyd dramatically increases maneuverability and ease of steering on rockered skis.
  • Hook Free Taper-The widest point in the sidecut tapers in toward the tip earlier for less drag and hooking in powder. Swing weight is also reduced making the ski even more maneuverable in difficult snow.
  • Wide Edges-Thicker edges for increased durability and improved shock resistance.
  • Total Edge Reinforcement-Fiber reinforcement directly on top of edges improves durability, edge grip, and shock resistance.
  • Double TI Laminate-Double layer of Titanium, one on either side of the core, improves hard snow performance. Increased precision, edge grip, and improved responsiveness.
  • Gentel Rise Tail-A shorter, shallower rise to the tail rocker that increases edge contact and stability.
  • Utility Rocker-Our most versatile rocker profile, Utility Rocker's medium tip rise guaratees great float in powder, with excellent terrain absorption, while the low camber under foot gives solid edge grip and rebound. The flat, early rise tail dramatically increases the skis maneuverability in soft snow, while maintaining directional stability for high speed charging.
  • Carve Zone-The traditionally cambered section of twin rocker skis, where the sidecut is focused for more power, energy and edge grip.
  • Tail Protector

Size Chart

Size (cm) 164 172 180 188
Tip (mm)  128  131  134  137
Waist (mm)  95  96  97  98
Tail (mm)  114  117  120  123
Radius (M)  18.4  18.8  19.2  19.6
Boot Midsole  744  787  830  874
Rocker Shape  290  305  320  335


Height (in) 
Height (cm) 
     Length (cm)    
Length (cm)
     Length (cm)   
4'6" 137 140 135 125
4'8" 142 145 140 130
5'0" 152 155 145 135
5'2" 158 165 155 145
5'6" 168 175 165 155
5'8" 173 180 170 160
5'10" 178 185 175 165
6'0" 183 190 180 170
6'2" 188 195 185 175
6'4" 193 200 190 180