Salomon Knight Skis 2010

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2010 Salomon Knight Skis

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The new Salomon Knight ski utilizes "rocker" technology to add floatation and grip to this all-mountian twin. Rocker camber is inverse camber used in the front part of the ski while keeping the mid section and the tail traditional. The amount of the rocker affects the ratio of floataion and harder snow behavior. 85 mm under foot makes this a versatile stick for all kinds of conditions.

Salomon ski atheletes drive the progression of the sport and continuously enable the development of the worlds best products.

Sizes: 151cm-161cm-171cm-176cm

Salomon Knight Skis 2010
85mm waist width
Rocker Technology
monocoque construction
Edge reinforcement
Ptex 2000
High Molecular Density Base