Rossignol Squad 7 Skis 2014

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Rossignol Squad 7 Skis 2014

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The future of freeride is here. Designed for pushing the boundaries of big-mountain skiing, the all-new Squad 7 is a balls-to-the-wall, big-mountain pow-slayer featuring athlete-driven innovation. Powder Turn Rocker's been redesigned, virtually eliminating "tip flap" while delivering maximum floatation and versatility. Patented new Air Tip technology reduces weight by 20% for enhanced agility, control and ultra-light swing weight. With a beefier core profile, 120mm waist and long turn radius, the Squad 7 delivers unrivaled power, stability and float for straight-lining the most daunting terrain, out-running your slough, and stomping the mandatory. 
100% Powder 


Air Tip-A Patented Technology exclusive to Rossignol! The tip is air filled for maximum lightness and constructed to retain maximum torsional rigidity. The ski's weight is redistributed, freeing the tip and tail of the ski and providing greater ease, security and versatility. The fact that the center of gravity is closer to the center of the ski concentrates strength under the skier's feet. THE ROCKER REVOLUTION IS HERE!!!


Until now, the Rocker was simply a profile, it is now becoming a construction. Rossignol’s Air Tip technology is inventing the future by integrating new materials for even greater ease, enhanced performance and more fun…


Based on the simple and obvious conclusion that the tips and tails of freeride skis only «work» on powder, we have paid particular attention to this aspect when constructing the Series 7. The tip and tail have been designed and worked differently to the rest of the ski to add greater lightness and manoeuvrability. In the end, the weight of the ski is reduced and redistributed to ensure no compromises in terms of performance.


We have developed a unique structure designed to encapsulate maximum air in the tip while maintaining optimum torsional rigidity. This unique and exclusive technology is a Rossignol patented concept!


This new ski construction results in lighter but above all more manoeuvrable skis. The word inertia becomes redundant, making way for concepts such as ease, safety and versatility! This technology brings the centre of gravity below the foot and brings the skier optimal power transmission. After opening up access to Freeride skis with the Powder Turn Rocker, Rossignol is introducing another innovation in the form of the Air Tip. The second revolution in Freeride skis is on the way.

Powder Turn Rocker-A profile with 50% standard camber in the center of the ski and 50% rocker at the tip and tail. The slight underfoot camber makes the skis grippy on groomed trails. The tip rocker makes its presence felt, giving better flotation in powder and paving the way for new experiences without tiring the skier. The tail rocker gives better steering and control. Powder - Support - Accessibility - Ease - Fun

The introduction of rocker to alpine skis has literally improved the ski experience for all skiers from first-timers to powder hounds to World Cup racers. Rocker makes skiing nearly effortless by simultaneously enhancing steering and minimizing fatigue – without compromising performance – for every skier type. Simply put, rocker helps skis turn with less effort, carve more easily and float better in deep snow.

Rocker is actually a catch-all phrase that describes “reverse camber” or “early rise” in a ski’s camber profile. Rocker is an upward bend of the tip and/or tail away from the snow. Rocker comes in many different forms including: “full rocker”, “tip rocker” and “tail rocker”.

Traditional camber is the opposite of “rocker” and features a modest downward bend along the length of the ski. Traditional camber enhances stability and tracking; increasing precision and fore/aft balance.

The right balance of rocker and traditional camber depends on the level and type of skiing one prefers. Rossignol offers four different rocker profiles: Power Turn Rocker, Auto Turn Rocker, Powder Turn Rocker and Spin Turn Rocker. Each perfectly tailored to the exact needs of every skier type…  

Centered Sidecut-A very short, shallow sidecut underfoot gives grip and power in the very center of the ski while freeing the tip and tail for liveliness. Fun, control and versatility.

Free VAS-The perfect link between the Paulownia core and Air Tip. VAS technology ensures enhanced comfort when switching from one snow type to another by reducing vibrations. VAS technology makes the ski easier to control, more stable and so more accessible. VAS also gives a smoother more comfortable snow feel for even greater pleasure.

Minicap Sandwich-Very solid construction with reinforced topsheet for more durability. The sidewalls are angled at 30° to reduce inertia and overall weight while improving grip.


Reference  RACQH01
Size Available  180 - 190
Weight  4.5 kg
Camber height  LOW
Rocker height  HIGH
Camber length  *50%*
Rocker length  *50%*
Sidecut  145-120-126
Profile sidecut  CENTERED
Ski Radius  29.5 m (190)
System  OPEN