Rossignol Scratch Girl FS Team Skis- 167cm

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Scratch Girl FS Team Skis- 167cm

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Claudia Bouvier boosts airs and stomps landings in rail jams, all day park invasions and super pipes. Using Rossignol's F.I.T. and WRS concepts, this chick-twin is super lightweight and agile. The Girl FS is our team approved pro model, for the riders who lives and breathes in the park.
20% All Mountain / 80% Jib
167cm- R18.2, SC116/84/109

All scratch skis are marked with 3 very different binding mounting positions. Addict for extreme freestylers, Modern for pure freestylers, and Standard for strictly alpine skiers.

Sidewalls are angled at a 30 degree incline to improve swing weight, reduce the overall weight of the ski, and enhance edging and durability.

The Mini ROSSITOP cap strengthens the top of the ski and is resistant to chipping for increased durability.

Our True Colors program employees a team of women that help create specifically developed product for women. Feminine Intuitive Technology (F.I.T.) specifically addresses women's anatomy and expectations.

What makes women skiers different? Feminine centers of gravity are positioned lower and further back. The physical force of women is different from men's. Rossignol's F.I.T. concept improves her stance and strengths to maximize performance.

F.I.T. (Feminine Intuitive Technology) is based on two concepts:
F.I.T. construction: Uses two distinctly different fibers in the core to reduce weight without loosing performance.
F.I.T. integral system: Specific interfaces engineered to adapted to women skiers. The F.I.T integral system provides women with a natural forward mounting position which optimizes the distribution between tip and tail. The Plate is a specific shape for easy turn initiation and precise control. The TPI2 W allows for tool-free binding installation and boot size adjustments.

All freestyle skis have a layer of Visco in the tip and tail of the ski to absorb shocks and reduce over-flexing.

Aka the ollie effect. All freestyle models have softer flexing tips and tails, and a stiffer mid-section. This allows the skier to load the tips or tails to spring onto a rail or boost out of the half pipe, and improves skier balance.

A hybrid core made from two different materials: Poplar wood for dampening and ski to snow contact, and Fume-processed ash for high response and lightness.

Patented core design. The strands of fiber in the core and fiberglass are aligned with the sidecut shape; the core has an increased concentration of fibers under the foot, with less density in the tip and tail. The lighter weight at the extremities gives the skier improved balance, rotation and higher boosts, while the dense concentration of fibers under foot maintain stability for more snap on take-offs and landings. This new orientation optimizes flex and reduces weight.

WARRANTY: 1 year