Rossignol Scratch Ghetto FS Skis 2007

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Scratch Ghetto FS SKIS

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Team approved park and pipe pro model. This skis are designed for the rider who like snowparks, especially those, who want to boost airs and stomp landings on every kind of jumps and in the pipe. These skis feature a THC core made from three different materials: poplar for lightless and liveliness, fume wood for quick response and ski-to-snow feel, and ash wood for absorbing shocks and vibrations. The rocking chair effect guarantees spring on the rail and pop out of the half pipe. The Rossignol Scratch Ghetto is the bad boy of the slopes!

  • THC Core 2 - a hybrid core made from three different materials. 
  • 30 Degree Slanting Sidewalls - Sidewalls are angled at a 30 degree incline to improve swing weight, reduce the overall weight of the ski, and enhance edging and durability.
  • Rebound Tip -  a layer of Visco in the tip and tail of the ski to absorb shocks and reduce over flexing.
  • Rocking Chair Effect - these skis have softer flexing tips and tails and a stiffer mid-section

Rossignol – Scratch Ghetto FS (07/08) – 181

  • Dedication: Snowpark / Allmountain
  • Dimensions: 114-85-109
  • Structure: Freestyle WRS
  • Construction: Mini Cap
  • Top Sheet: ROSSITOP
  • Sidewalls: 30° ABS
  • Dampening: Visco Tip
  • Laminates: Weight Reduction System Fiberglass
  • Core: THC2
  • Base: R 7200 Graphite
  • Size/Weight: 181cm/170+ lbs
  • Specials: WRS - 400g Lighter, Rebound Tip, Rocking Chair Effect, Three Boot Sole Marks

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