Rossignol SAS 110 Sensor3 Ski Boots

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Whether you are in the backcountry or the park, this new high powered freestyle boot is for aggressive skiers that seek ultimate sensitivity and fit.

A Rossignol patented over-injection process. Carbon or Composite inserts are suspended in the upper cuff mold and plastic is injected around the insert. The result is structural integration. The insert provides increased rebound, energy transmission, and superior backward support.

Thicker bi-injected toe and heel pieces are injected with soft PU for comfortable walking and hard PU for performance in the binding system. The soles are also 12mm thick for improved durability.

The new diagonal buckles orient the bails and catches in a diagonal direction, providing a better shell wrap and fit. The Diagonal angle pulls the foot backwards into the heel pocket. They are also easier to align when entering and exiting the boot.

Rossignol has developed an anatomical molding process with new padding material, creating a liner with immediate comfort and fit, as well as extra precision and control. Liners in all 98, 100, and 102mm shells use this new type of padding, a PU (polyurethane) foam that is resistant to packing out. PU is injected into a separate anatomical mold, and once formed, it is removed and glued into the liner. The new process allows Rossignol to mold padding with smooth contours and true anatomical profiles, eliminating pressure points caused by traditional layering foams. Each liner has its own size-specific mold and dedicated right and left pads.

Pro Fit Instep provides the expert skier with the best mid-foot fit, resulting in heightened responsiveness. The Pro Fit liners feature lowered medial and lateral instep seams, making the liner material is as thin as possible where it crosses over the tongue in the instep area. This style of liner construction offers an exceptionally smooth transition from liner to tongue, resulting in uniform contact and even pressure distribution throughout the instep and medial / lateral sides. The gap-free instep creates the link between fit and performance.

Rossignol continues in liner development with an anatomical tongue design. We have developed the first one-piece toe box and tongue component. The soft toe box material continues into the tongue attachment area without any seams or overlaps. The plastic of the tongue is cut higher to match the instep bone shape and location. The one-piece design ensures the integrity of the toe box and eliminates pressure points over the instep and on top of the toes.

The Sensor3 Concept incorporates ergonomic foot balance philosophies. A skier makes dynamic fore/aft and lateral body position adjustments based on feedback received from balance receptors at the 1st & 5th met-heads, and heel. The shell design emphasizes direct contact with these three receptor points. Stiffer poly-carbonate inserts are strategically positioned in the forefoot to accurately capture and transfer skiers’ input. The Sensor3 shell uses a narrower boot board, allowing direct liner contact with these medial and lateral inserts for exceptional feel and response.

The two top catches are tool-free; Twist the catch and easily slide it into two positions with a range of 22mm and seven different catches.

Removable zeppa, made of Visco material to dampen shocks and vibrations, as well as soften big landings. Improves fit and allows for an easier stance adjustment.
  WARRANTY: 1 year

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