Rossignol S86W Freeride Skis 2011

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Rossignol S86W Women's Freeride Skis

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Graphic Inspired by Caia Koopman
The S86 has the heart of a high-performance carving machine with a freeride touch and feel.

It features Rossignol's unique camber profile, "AmpTek". AmpTek Freeride, combines traditional camber underfoot delivering power, energy and edge grip with an early rise tip and tail that dramatically improves the turn initiation and flotation in any condition. This all-mountain ski is perfectly balanced for ripping rail-to-rail on the groomers. With its wide waist, it floats through powder and crud with the best of any backcountry ski. With titanium sandwiched around a wood core, this is a good skier's dream-come-true. If you are looking for a rocking, all-mountain freeride ski that shines anywhere on the hill, the SC86 is the right choice for you.

Size : 154 162 170 178 186
  • Tip rocker : 245
  • Tail rocker : 170
  • Camber : 15
  • Radius : 14.3 m
  • Size Available : 154 ; 162 ; 170 ; 178 ; 186
  • Program : 50% POWDER
  • Structure : FIBRO/METAL
  • Core : WOOD
  • Reinforcement : ZICRAL
  • Tip shape : FREERIDE TIP
  • Shape : MINICAP

Freeride skis


The concept is simple, reverse the camber of the board/ski to make it easier to turn, more nimble in the
powder, land smoother and ollie higher.



Amptek: Amptek for Amplification Technology. This technology developed by Rossignol for Freeride skis lets you ski on powder without constraint. Skis with the Amptek profile are more lively, have improved float power on powder and allow you to experience new sensations. How does it work? It\'s quite simple: the ski has a rocker at both front and back which gives more lift and improved turn capability on powder. The ski has traditional construction underfoot, with a camber and 18 m turn radius for easier edge-to-edge transition on hard snow, so providing a lot more versatility. Amptek Technology is available on the entire Rossignol Freeride range so that everyone can choose their program depending on what they want (more powder, more rocker - less powder, less rocker)