Rossignol Circuit Amptek Snowboard 2013

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Rossignol Circuit Amptek Snowboard 2013

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Short-circuit the extended learning curve most boarders face with the Rossignol Circuit Amptek Snowboard. The Circuit Amptek combines Rossignol's Auto Turn rocker profile and a Directional All-Mountain flex profile to give you a board that will take you to the next level of riding. Use the Circuit Amptek to progress your riding as fast as possible; before you know it you'll be shredding once unthinkable terrain.


  • Amptek Auto Turn-A blend of 80% Rocker and 20% Camber creates an all-mountain rocker so you can ride everything in sight with ease. The majority-rocker profile allows for nimbleness in powder, while the camber under the bindings allows for precise turns on hardpack.
  • Directional Twin-A stiff tail for punch on kickers and solid landings with a softer waist and nose for smoothness
  • Wood(3510+5620+6420)-A single type of wood that's vertically laminated to give you durability and comfort without breaking the bank.
  • Glass Fiber-Has greater elongation before break than carbon and comes in multiple weights and weavings making it our #1 choice for customized flex and torsional resistance while also stabilizing the mechanical properties of our woodcores over time.
  • Extruded 1320 Base-A lower density factory finished extruded base that is fast and easy to tune and does not require frequent waxing so you can spend more time riding
  • Directional All-Mountain Flex-Directional flex with a stiffer flex under the back foot provides added control and a stiff waist, allowing for more stability at high speeds. A softer flex under the front foot allows for easier turning.

WHAT MAKES THE ROSSI AMPTEK BETTER THAN THE ROCKER? (part 2) Most rockers go from tip to tail with the contact point being between the feet, some have camber in their tips, but none of them integrate reversed camber tips into a regular cambered, ie. between the feet, board. We’ve also made the sidecut radius go all the way to the tip kicks so that this camber-to-reversed-camber construction guarantees faster transitions, more pop, smoother landings, increased floatation, more grip, more edge pressure and more control. It is not only different from the rest of the world, it is also better. In short, it will amplify every aspect of your ride. It will allow you to do everything you already do better, faster, stronger and easier, resulting in more fun.

AMPTEK: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE We launched our AmpTek camber technology on the Angus last year and won 2 of the industry's most  recognized and trusted awards with Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood and Snowboarder Best of Test. Having immediate approval at the shop level for our latest innovation was not only the best start we could  possibly hope for but also guaranteed the foundation for the future of AmpTek. For 2010, we've refined our story with 3 versions of AmpTek designed to enhance every style of riding. Unlimited mobility with the AmpTek Autoturn, superior punch with the AmpTek All Mountain, and explosive pop with the AmpTek Freestyle. Please refer to the illustration below for details and always remember that: • AmpTek is for everyone, • no matter what version you choose, AmpTek makes snowboarding easier, • all 3 versions were designed for any terrain and all conditions.