Rome Strut Women's Snowboard Bindings 2014

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Rome Strut Women's Snowboard Bindings 2014

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The Strut showcases our metal UnderWrap technology for maximum heel-to-toe power transfer and a women-specific highback for anatomically correct response. Armed with comfortable and convenient strap technology, the Rome AutoStrap system keeps the baseplate clear and ready at all times.


New Underwrap Heel Hoop with Channel Adjust-The heel hoop design that adds leverage over your edges without diminishing side-to-side flex. The aluminum frame wraps under the baseplate, where it pulls up for heelside power and channels energy for toeside precision. The u-shape of the heel hoop lets it twist so you can feel the terrain and tweak a classic method. The original non-cored option, for ultimate power and simplicity.

Contour Ankle Strap-Anatomically shaped to the ankle area of your foot, the Contour Ankle strap unifies a medium flex profile with a massive comfort profile. From tweaks to power transfers, this strap delivers the best of both worlds. Tried and true, this strap continues to hold the reigns of binding comfort. Dialing in the flex of the 390, this strap boasts temperature-resistant materials and conforming internal foam that flexes and merges securely over any boot.

Conformist Toe Strap-Though we’ve introduced new evolutions, the ConFormist Toe Strap is still one of the best in snowboarding. EVA form-fits around the toe of any boot in the market. Or you can run them over the top of the boot if that’s your style. An EVA structure that covers the entire toe box of the boot and can be ran over the top or around the front. Either way, this all-over construction gives consistent support with a simplistic design.

Autostrap-A Rome-only idea-using an elastic band to hold the ankle straps out of the footbed until you are off the chair and ready to strap in. Simple and efficient. Founded on the idea that snowboarders should beat skiers to lines on pow days, the Rome AutoStrap system makes strapping in as fast as possible. A built-in piece elastic band keeps the ankle strap in tension, creating a system that holds your ankle strap away from the footbed when you’re not strapped in. Open your buckle and your strap automatically swings out of the way.

Tech Details

  • NEW Forward Lean Adjustment
  • Strut Highback-A little shorter in height and rounded at the top with an asymmetrical shape tailored to a woman’s anatomy, this highback was fully thought out to accommodate the most aggressive lady shreds.
  • Glass-Filled Baseplate-Consisting of two elements, Short Fibers (SF) of glass and nylon, this baseplate is a blend of flexibility and pop.
  • SubBase Pad-An additional layer of padding between the binding and board that absorbs pressure, chatter, and compression. Stop unwanted energy before it shocks the boot.
  • Rome Customization Foundation
  • Rome QuickTech Foundation

Flex and Feel- Powerful

Sizing Info

  • S/M fits U.S Women's 5.5-9.5