Rome Reverb Rocker Snowboard 2013

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Rome Reverb Rocker Snowboard 2013

Heavy hitter for hammering everything

Park line footy stacks; perfectly fresh corduroy; grab stalefish over gaps; knuckle-drag laybacks and deep pow carves; stair set down bars; running trains through the park

MtnPop Rocker Camber


HotRods: Glass Single Barrel

A glass rod milled into the core under the bindings and out towards the nose and tail; providing quick snappy pop for a fast response.

QuickRip Sidecut

Advanced sidecut geometry giving a short playful feel at slower speeds and a longer fast, stable feel at higher speeds. The Mid-Board contact points end the running length at slow speeds and add grip at high speeds.

Basalt Impact Plates

As durable as rock, these basalt plates can take whatever you got. Familiar to big jumps and heavy drops, this tech will keep on absorbing and distributing impacts.

Tech Details:

  • Pop Core Matrix-Low density wood in two zones through the board for a lightweight profile with a flexible poplar matrix—The staple core running through our classics and some of our new additions like the Butterknife, Hammerhead, Factory Rocker, Detail Rocker and Romp.

  • StraightBiax Laminate-Designed for the fun and creative rider, this laminate has a forgiving response through presses, jumps, and jibs—integrated into our freestyle boards with the intention of supporting the natural flex.

  • SinterTrue Base-Durable structure with wax absorbing traits that create a fast moving base that can hold up to the abuse of park lines and keep up your crew in tree lines.