Rome Mob Boss Snowboard Bindings 2014

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Rome Mob Boss Snowboard Bindings 2014

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Light, flexible and fun, the Mob Boss is loaded with canting, crafted with our V-Rod Unibody all-plastic design, and given a heavy dose of high-end strap technology. And it’s built with pretty much one thing in mind: park and park-influenced shredding. Comfort and control comes from the NEW Contour Boss ankle strap and ConformGrip toe strap.


V-Rod Baseplate-An unevenly designed baseplate with elevated corners on the toeside lateral corner and the heelside medial corner, and a rod of contact everywhere else. The smaller binding footprint gives natural board flex, side-to-side tweakage, and full toe-to-heel power. 

The combo of a smaller binding footprint and more power from edge to edge is ideal for any binding-board combination V-Rod delivers.

How the baseplate is designed: A v-shaped “rockered” baseplate.

  1. A 110mm “rod” of contact with your board from edge to edge, extending from the outside of your heel to your big toe.
  2. The medial rear corner and lateral front corner of the baseplate are raised (v-shaped) off the surface of the board, and are replaced with compressible EVA and rubber.

How it rides: Flex with pop.

  1. The narrow 110mm footprint of the rod lets your board flex more naturally.
  2. The narrow 110mm footprint of the rod, combined with the compressible EVA and rubber give your binding more progressive tweak.
  3. The edge-to-edge contact of the rod gives you direct toe-to-heel power.

New Yes, I can't System-The only customizable canting in snowboarding. A new quick-as-f*&k footbed that lets you pick the angle you want. Go flat footed with 0 degree, add a little angle of 2 degrees or cant up with 3.5 degrees of lean for comfort and added power over nose and tail. Ideal for rocker boards. Canting is great for increasing power over your nose and tail, and for increasing knee comfort on wider stances. Now as one complete piece, the NEW Yes, I Cant footbed is easy to customize with a quick adjust channel. Move the entire footbed 7mm forward for a larger boot size or 7mm back for smaller sizing. Swapping canting options is faster and easier than ever before.

Can't in the Back-Change the angle of the highback from 3-degrees to 6-degrees for more comfort and perfect boot alignment. 

There is no reason why a highback should not be customizable to match any style of riding. The Mob, Mob Boss, and Runway bindings have been designed to give the rider a choice between 3 and 6 degrees of highback canting. This allows the highback to be in line with your lower leg. By increasing or decreasing the angle of the highback in relation to the width of a stance, our unibody bindings have an additional level of customizable power and comfort. It’s easy:

  1. Unscrew 3 degree Can’t-In-The-Back screw
  2. Flip over
  3. Screw in 6 degree Cant-In-The-Back screw
  4. Shred

New Contour Boss Ankle Strap-Designed to conform over the ankle, this strap has double the cushion for comfort and new materials for a smooth support profile. The next step in superior ankle straps from the SDS Design House. Improving a strap that is already the most comfortable and durable in the market was a challenge. For the Boss models, the Design House looked for new materials, a different construction pattern, and additional EVA to mold the inside. The result is form-fitting support that feels great on the ankle.

Conformgrip Toe Strap-Overmolded TPR seamlessly incases the nose of all boots for fit and grip that delivers comfort and control. Or run it over your boot if you like it Old School. 

With over-molded rubber that grips for increased comfort and control, this toe strap is the most conforming configuration on the market. An upper and lower plastic frame merged by heavy-duty rubber in two configurations. More grip on the toe means less need to crank your straps, which means more comfort.

  1. An X pattern focuses grip over the front of the boot and allows a little more flex for the 390 Boss and Mob Boss Models.
  2. The vertically aligned configuration on the Targa model provides added support and more surface area over and around the toe.

Tech Details

  • NEW Forward Lean Adjustment
  • Mob Highback-A shorter highback and hollowed out top section is perfect for freestyle-oriented flex. Superlight, this is a highback built for freestyle riding and street.
  • SubBase V-Pad-As a crucial component to the V-Rod technology, this padded section of EVA between the binding and board fills the raised regions of the V-Rod Baseplate and creates cushioning and flex. This allows the V-Rod power transfer to effectively work while still providing a dampening barrier between the baseplate and topsheet.
  • Rome Customization Foundation
  • Rome QuickTech Foundation

Flex and Feel- Powerful-Playful

Sizing Info

  • Medium fits U.S Mens 7-10
  • Large fits U.S Mens 10-14