Radical The Baller Mitts + Bonus Nikwax 2015

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Radical The Baller Mitts + Bonus Nikwax 2015

The fresh Baller Mitt features the popular artwork of our 2012 Smitten Mitten. The embossed graphics give you a subtle hint of RAD while still allowing you to fly under the radar - stealth styles! What if we were to tell you that you could get a deluxe full goat leather mitt for under 100 bucks? Is that something you might be interested in? Use your bonus liners for combo warmth, or just roll them solo. No problem! You don't have to be loaded to be a baller, son.


  • Full Goat Leather Outer
  • 10K Waterproof Insert
  • Bonus NIKWAX Sachet
  • Boogie Wiper Thumb
  • Adjustable Cuff
  • Shoe Lace Wrist Straps