Volkl Gotama Skis 2011

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One of the most award-winning skis of the 09/10 season, the Gotama features Völkl's exclusive Extended Low Profile (ELP) rocker technology and a new, rounded top edge for even better manueverability in deep snow. For good skiers who want a playful big mountain twin tip ski that you can also ski all around the mountain as an every day ski.

178cm           26.1       137-106-122
186cm           28.8       137-106-122

ELP Rocker

A complete system, Völkl‘s Extended Low Profile (ELP) rocker design features 4 key attributes working together to enhance performance. Völkl engineers continue to refine our rocker designs to adapt to various end uses, but the basic principle remains: an elongated, gradual bend, when put on edge, provides full, uniform edge/snow contact for better control on groomed snow, combined with unparalleled maneuverability in soft snow.

A round overall shape allows easy smearing and speed control without sacrificing firm snow performance. The profile features a smooth, gradual bend toward the nose and tail. It‘s high enough to float in powder, but when you tip the ski on edge, there's more consistent edge contact, giving the skier more control, especially on groomed snow.
The flex of each rockered model from Völkl is matched to the intended use. For instance, Gotama, Kuro, Kiku each feature three flex zones: the front of the ski is stiff – since the rocker profile is pre-flexed, stiffness in front provides stability. The flex in the mid-body of the ski is medium, providing a transition to the slightly softer tail, for ease of turning on the groomed, and maneuverability in powder.


ELP Each Völkl ski with ELP has a sidecut that is adjusted to match its design and intended use, from deep powder float to allmountain versatility. Each of these shapes takes groomed snow performance into account as well.
Part of the extended design is a lower tip shape, which provides a smooth ride on the groomed, and rides high in soft snow since there is a consistent bend throughout the ski. Despite the lower profile, the ELP tip is the same height as a traditional tip.

Multi-Layer Wood Core
Völkl freeskiing models feature a multi-layer wood core with two different densities of wood.
In the binding attachment area, a dense, ash core is used, while in the rest of the ski, the core is poplar.
The more dense wood creates secure screw retention and stability, while the softer poplar section allows
for resilience and snap. The flex pattern can be tailored to each ski model to match the desired performance

Tough Box Construction
Tough Box construction features a Multi-Layer wood core wrapped with a composite/fiberglass sheath to create the ultimate resilience and snap for our freeskiing models.Surrounding the core in the mid-body of the ski, it adds snap, strength and binding screw retention.

Sensorwood Core
Like the Extended Sensorwood Core, the Sensorwood core is CNC milled using vertically laminated poplar and beech wood.

Powered by Carbon
Many of Völkl's freeskiing skis feature a carbon fiber layer within the core that adds stability, liveliness, and snap to each model.