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Stars Skis and Hucks Ski DVD

A new motion picture from Chainsaw Productions. A hard-core action ski movie from the controversial and charismatic Brad Holmes. Chainsaw is the definitive company of the genre...some of the world's best freeskiers throw down the gauntlet, with cutting edge skiing and nu-school tricks.

Filmed on three continents then wrapped in a 70’S cop-drama spoof as only Holmes can... Two rebel detectives, Starskis and Hucks, pursue a cult of monoskiers called the MORBID MIDNIGHT MONOSKIING MILITIA (more commonly known as the “MMMM”). The cult's leader Baron Monomania (Glen Plake) and his goons, intend to melt down the sacred golden skis in an attempt to make people finally realize how evily-cool monoskiing is...but not if Starskis and Hucks have anything to say about it!!! With good intentions, dumb-luck, and the help of a pimp called Gummy Bear, the two detectives battle to make the world a better place for ski-kind everywhere.

ATHLETES: Seth Morrison, Brad Holmes, Glen Plake, Tanner Rainville, Andy Finch, Shaun Palmer, Omar Otte, Michelle Parker, Jon McMurray, Bdevine and Chris Boothe.