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Flakes- Telemark Ski Dvd

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We spend most of the year chasing, skiing and celebrating these wonderful frozen crystals that fall in deep quantities. The rest of the time, we create moving pictures to document the incredible experiences that winter provides. FLAKES showcases the deep and light powder from around the world that our audience has come to expect, blended together with the often flaky characters who thrive on this wintery existence.

Breaking trail into the backcountry with today's most talented telemark skiers, we used slide-cams, remote helicopters and headlamps to bring our creation home in a new light and perspective. Nick Devore, Will Cardamone, Andy Jacobsen and Andy Rosenberg expose Haines, Alaska, after being dumped on a glacier for a week long expedition. We spend one perfect afternoon of powder skiing in Patagonia beneath Cerro Fitzroy. Jake Sakson makes a statement with his breakthrough performance as the clear up -and-comer in the freeriding tele scene. Go behind the scenes of how the other half lives with 'Powderwhore Cribs' featuring Nick Devore humbly dwelling in his teepee. Jason West finally makes a jaw dropping appearance displaying his affinity for catching serious air. World Champions Megan Michelson and Paige Brady are the few and the proud women not afraid to push the limits and claim their powderwhoredom. The big lines of Valdez, Alaska, take a slashing from the fast and fluid turns of Chris Erickson and his helmet cam. And yes, there is plenty of the same old deep face slapping powder skiing from Jonah and Noah Howell.
Shot entirely in HD, this hour long showcase of last winters adventures travels from Patagonia, The Wasatch Mountains, Haines, Valdez, The San Juans and Aspen.