Tail Devil Skateboard Tail Spark Product

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The Original Tail Devil is without a doubt the most anticipated skateboard accessory in 2004. The Tail Devil is a genius, explosive accessory with 5 metal burners that you stick on the back tail of any skateboard.

About the size of a stick of gum, the patented Tail Devil makes harmless sparks when you grind the tail of your skateboard on concrete or asphalt.

Just stick the Tail Devil to the bottom of the skateboard tail and shoot upto an 18 inch harmless spark. The Tail Devil can be pealed on and off your skateboard at anytime.

This is what the package looks like!

How Long will it last?- It is up to you, average distance depending on weight of rider is 200 to 300foot grinds.
It will last longer if you tail grind 2-3 feet at a time.

Looks so cool at Night Time! Your friends will go crazy!!!

How do I stick it on my board? There is a self-adhesive on the tail devil which makes it easy to apply. Easy to take off and on. The Tail Devil also comes with 2 small screws, if you want to screw it on and off.

Warning! Do not use near dry grass or flammables. Do not ride near Gas Stations. Do not touch the Tail Devil after grinding, it will get Hot!