Salomon L7 Junior Ski Bindings 2011

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2011 Salomon L7 Junior Ski Bindings- Black

Salomon L7 Ski Bindings - Junior 2011: Salomon translates many of their technical and safety features into their junior bindings, because kids need to be safe on the slopes too. Lightweight components help make the skis more maneuverable which is great for lighter weight skiers. Salomon includes Automatic Wing Adjustments on this model to offer you the peace of mind knowing that the L7 is securely fit around the boot. With this secure fit, feel free to push your boundaries and charge the slopes.
Fits upto 80mm waist Ski.

Din Range- 2-7.5
Brake Wideth- 80mm
Plate Height- 16.5
Housing Material- Composite
Binding Weight- 3.8 lbs